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Use Wakota FCU checking with auto-pay or direct deposit, and get a discount on your next loan!

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Most of our applications can now be completed online using It's Me 247. It's safe, secure, and easy to use!

**Changes to your
ATM & Debit Card**

New regulations require your approval for us to allow ATM withdrawals and debit card purchases that overdraft your account.
What to do.

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It's Easy to Switch!

Switching to a low-fee checking account from Wakota FCU is easy! Just follow the steps below. 

  1. Open your new Wakota FCU checking account.

  2. Make sure all checks have cleared on your old checking account.

  3. Leave enough funds in your old account to cover any automatic payments that may still be withdrawn.

  4. If transferring a Certificate of Deposit, double-check the maturity date to avoid possible penalties.

  5. Inform your direct deposit vendors (payroll, etc.) of the change.

  6. Inform any vendors who take automatic payments to change the withdrawals to your new account.

  7. Inform your old financial institution when you are ready to close your old checking account .



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