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Don’t take the bait and get hooked…protect your good name.

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Wakota FCU's policy is to send all official notices via regular mail and to also post announcements on our website.

If you receive correspondence from us in any other format, be suspicious. If you're unsure, call us directly or check our website.

Get It In Writing
Email, text, and phone scams abound these days because there's virtually no cost to send out thousands of electronic messages or automated phone calls.

Mailing letters is expensive and requires knowledge of your name and address -- things most scammers don't have. So if you're unsure about a message, ask to "get it in writing."

A Clear Head Is Your Best Defense
Most scammers play on your emotions with a urgent tone in their message. You wouldn't normally release private financial data to a stranger, but when your account access is threatened or easy money is promised, people frequently fall prey and react before they think. Don't be a victim; keep your cool!

- Never give private financial information out over the phone unless YOU initiate the phone call.
- NEVER give out your PIN number for any reason; hang up immediately if asked for this information.
- If you believe you have been a victim of a scam, immediately contact your credit union.

To  protect yourself from scams and computer viruses, keep your antivirus software up to date and use email spam filters vigilantly. Be cautious about what websites you visit.



New Scam Alerts

A new text message scam warns to call a specified phone number to 'unfreeze your credit card' by entering your card number and PIN. Please do not fall for this scam.

Another new scam involves people who try to perform online banking from an infected computer. A pop-up message appears, promising free gifts, games, credit checks, or other rewards. If a pop-up message appears during a private financial transaction, log out  immediately and refrain from conducting any sensitive online transactions until you have removed all malicious software from your computer.

Is This for Real?

When it comes to protecting yourself online it’s important not to simply rely on software to keep everything in check. For extra peace of mind you can also do your own research and investigate threats yourself. Here are some resources to keep you, your friends and family wise to online fraud:

OnGuardOnline.gov – Consumer Frauds and Scams
Tips from the federal government to help you guard against Internet fraud and to protect your personal information.  [external link disclosure]

Hoax Slayer  – Latest Email Hoaxes - Current Internet Scams
A great resource to educate yourself on Internet scams and criminal activity online. [external link disclosure]


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