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Wakota FCU is proud to be Dakota County's member-owned financial alternative!

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At Wakota Federal Credit Union, you're not just an account. You're a face, a name, and an owner! We are working hard to be Dakota County's financial institution of choice.

Tell your friends, family, and neighbors. Help spread the word about Wakota FCU!

It's Easy to Join

Simply go to It's Me 247 and fill out our safe, secure membership application.

Before your membership is approved, you will need to provide photocopy of your drivers' license or photo identification. You will also need to make an opening Share deposit of at least $5. We'll process your application within two business days.

Why Join a Credit Union?
Visit ASmarterChoice.org to learn the difference between credit unions and banks, and the benefits of belonging to a not-for-profit financial institution. [external link disclosure]

Banks vs. Credit Unions

Is a credit union really the better choice? CBS The Early Show's financial contributor Vera Gibbons compared banks and credit unions. Watch the segment.

Member Discounts
Wakota FCU is proud to provide special offers and discounts to our members from local businesses. Read more.

Membership Criteria

As part of its credit union charter, Wakota Federal Credit Union has a limited field of membership. You can only join if:

  1. You live, work, worship, volunteer or attend school in Dakota County, Minnesota  - OR -
  2. You live in the same household as a current member ľOR-
  3. You are related to a current Member by blood, adoption or marriage. Membership is a great gift for your children or grandchildren. 

Once a Member, Always a Member!
Even if you leave the job or home that originally made you eligible for membership, you and your family may continue to belong to the Credit Union. In fact, even after members die their entire family is still eligible to join Wakota Federal Credit Union.

Your Business Is Welcome
If you're a business or other entity (scouts, hockey club, etc.) in Dakota County, you can join us too!


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