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Online and Mobile Services

Monitor your Wakota account information day or night from any computer, tablet or phone.

Forgot your password?

Go into It’s Me 247 and click “I forgot my password.” You’ll be asked to answer the three security questions you set up when you first enrolled, and you can then change your password. If you need more help, call us at 651-451-3330.

Download the Mobile App

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Mobile App

Download the mobile app today for fast and secure access to your accounts 24/7. Convenience at your fingertips whenever you need it!

Mobile app 5.0 Coming Soon! Mobile App 5.0 presents a complete redesign and updated look to the mobile app.  With Mobile App 5.0, you can personalize your accounts, take advantage of a refreshed navigation, a new accounts dashboard, a new mobile deposit process, and much more!

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Mobile Deposit

Enroll in Mobile Deposit, where you can quickly snap a photo of a check for deposit.

How to access:

  • Click the ‘Move Money’ button at the bottom menu of the mobile app
  • Select ‘Deposit Check’.
  • Hit ‘Enroll’ to get started. If you are already enrolled, tap ‘Deposit Your Check’.
  • Review the Check Deposit Tips. Endorse check as indicated.
  • Follow instructions to upload pictures of the check and select the accounts you want it deposited.
  • Hit ‘Submit’

This feature is only available on the mobile app.

Biometrics Sign On

Set up Biometric Authentication for our Mobile App today. The future is here!

Sign in with your face, fingerprint, voice or a pin*. Enroll right from the app on your phone.

What Authentication options are available?

  • Voice Recognition: Use your voice to authenticate, the member records and submits a passphrase. This setup requires the member to record a voice phrase 3 times, once enrolled the member will repeat the phrase to authenticate.
  • PIN: Use a 4-digit PIN to authenticate.  To establish PIN authentication the member will enter a chosen 4-digit PIN, and then re-enter the PIN to confirm.  To authenticate with PIN, the member verifies the PIN they created.
  • Fingerprint: Use the fingerprint verification feature on your mobile device to authenticate.  To setup fingerprint verification, the member will need to verify the fingerprint that is currently setup on their device.  Fingerprint verification will only show for those mobile devices that have this capability. To authenticate with fingerprint, the member will be asked to place their finger on the device’s sensor.
  • Face Recognition: Use a face profile to authenticate.  To setup face recognition, this requires an analysis of the member’s face.  To authenticate with face recognition the member will center their face within the circle and watch the bar at the top for a high-quality image and perform a liveliness test, like blinking.

This feature is only available on the mobile app.

Debit Card Controls

Total control, wherever you go!

You can temporarily lock your card if you lose it or see possible fraud, report it lost, set-up alerts and view activity.

How to access:

  • Click the ‘MORE’ button at the bottom menu of the mobile app
  • Under Member Service click on ‘Manage My Cards’.
  • Finally select the card you wish to control.

This feature is only available on the mobile app.

Other Online Banking Features

Bill Pay
Enroll in Bill Pay today! Easy to use and peace-of-mind knowing all your bills are paid on time.

  • Pay all your bills electronically
  • Authorize checks to be sent… from babysitters to utilities
  • Keeps a payment history register
  • Set up recurring payments or one-time payments
  • Schedule payments at your convenience
  • Add merchants quickly with just an account number, phone number and zip code
  • You have complete control
  • Monitor the status of your payments in progress at any time
  • Payment calendar to schedule payment reminders
  • Receive a notice when e-bills arrive

Account eAlerts
Don’t be stuck waiting for mail to arrive, get critical information about your accounts fast and more securely with eNotices!

Sign up for eNotices and eAlerts to stay on top of everything happening with you account. You can choose to get the notifications by email, text, or secured message on your online banking.

By signing up for eNotices, any periodic notices that the credit union would normally send to you will no longer be mailed via the U.S. Postal Service. Instead, you’ll receive the notice in the form you choose.

You can get notifications for information like:

  • Account balance
  • Deposits and withdrawals
  • Over a certain number of transactions per day or if your balance drops below a certain amount
  • When you loan is due or if it is past due

How to access:

Mobile App

  • Once signed in, select ‘Accounts’ from the bottom menu
  • Tap’ Info Center’, followed by ‘eAlert Subscriptions’
  • Complete the set-up for which ever alert you want to receive

Online Banking

  • Once signed in, hover over ‘Info Center’ on the top menu
  • Select ‘eAlert Subscriptions’
  • Complete the set-up for which ever alert you want to receive

Pay Anyone
As a more secure option than other apps, the Pay Anyone service can pay any individual at any bank or account.

How to access:

  • Click the ‘Move Money’ button at the bottom menu of the mobile app
  • Select ‘Pay Anyone’
  • Tap ‘Pay Someone’
  • Continue to follow the prompts

Save paper and time organizing with eStatements.

Receive an email to let you know your electronic statement is ready and view your information anytime, anywhere. Plus, 18 months of statements are saved on your online banking for easy and convenient access, no need to file paper copies away at home. It’s simple to sign up for e-statements, follow the steps below!

How to access:

  • Click the ‘MORE’ button at the bottom menu of the mobile app
  • Under Member Service click on ‘eStatements’.
  • ‘Enroll’ by selecting an emailing address to receive notifications.
  • If already enrolled, simply select the statement you want to view.
    • Then share or save by tapping the share button in the upper right corner.

To access eStatements on the desktop version of online banking, follow the instructional video below.

Account to Account Transfers

Account to Account (A2A) Transfers make it easy to transfer money to and from your Wakota accounts to accounts at other financial institutions (FI).

In order to have access you will need to complete this form with you other FI information. From there you can perform one-time or recurring transfer from the configured account. You will see your other account listed in your transfer options on the mobile app and online banking.

Once configured, here is how to access:

  • Once signed in, navigate to the transfer page.
  • Follow the prompts- selecting the A2A account where appropriate.

Please note:

  • This transfer is not immediate it will take a business day or two.
  • Once you hit submit, the transfer cannot be stopped or changed.
  • To verify the transfer is in process, you will see aa $0.00 transaction on your Wakota account.
  • There is no fee for this service.

Other Online Services

Text Banking
Receive banking information via text by texting Wakota FCU at IM247 (46247)!  Through this option your credit union can keep you informed with real-time alerts about account information.

With Text Banking You Can…

  • Send a text message command to receive text message replies regarding the balance of your eligible accounts.
  • Enroll in e-Alerts and receive notices regarding account balances, deposits, withdrawals, or when a payment is due.

Text Banking Commands

The following are Text Banking command examples and their responses. You can also access a list of these commands via a link in online banking during the Text Banking enrollment process.  These commands can be sent to IM247 (46247).

  • BAL Balance for all eligible accounts
  • BAL BIZ Balance for up to three savings or checking accounts
  • BAL 010 Balance for a specific account
  • BAL BIZ 010 Balance for a specific membership and account combination
  • STOP Turns off all text banking
  • STOP BIZ Turns off text banking for a specific account
  • HELP The customer service number

One-Way Text Alerts

You can set up one-way Text alerts via the e-Alert Subscriptions page, and create alerts similar to your standard e-Alerts:

  • Account Balance
  • Notification of an ACH Deposit or Withdrawal
  • Notification that a Loan Payment is due
  • E-Notice notification

How Much will this Cost?

The first 25 texts a month a completely free! Each text over #26 is $0.10 each. View our fee schedule for additional information.

Get Your Credit Score

Annual Credit Report

FREE Credit Reports. Federal law allows you to:

  • Get a free copy of your credit report every 12 months from each credit reporting company.
  • Ensure that the information on all of your credit reports is correct and up to date.

Other options

Pay Your Loan with a Debit or Credit Card

You can make a loan payment online or over-the-phone from a different financial institution using your debit or credit card.

For fast and easy access, do it yourself online. Or call us at 651-451-3330 to have a representative do it for you.

Fees do apply. For a one-time payment it is $9.99 or choose recurring payments for $2.00 a month. For recurring payments, please complete this form.

Pay Your Loan Here
Scams and Fraud Monthly Email

Click here to register.

In-Office Services

Wakota FCU is proud to provide an array of services to our members.

VISA Gift Cards (Virtual Cards Available)

Don’t make shopping harder than it has to be. Stop in and buy a gift card today!

VISA Gift cards can be used...

VISA Gift cards can be used anywhere VISA debit cards are accepted. Cards can be purchased from Wakota FCU for a nominal fee. Virtual option available, must be purchased at the credit union. The minimum dollar amount that can be loaded is $10 and the maximum is $1,000. Cards can be used in person, over the phone or online.

VISA Gift cards are perfect for any occasion from birthday to graduation to wedding to retirement. Stop in to our office and get your card today or call 651-451-3330 for more information.

VISA Travel Cards

The VISA Travel card has replaced Traveler’s Checks.

How to use the VISA Travel card...
The VISA Travel card can be used at all VISA locations when traveling domestically or internationally. Just present your card at the time of purchase and the amount will be deducted from your card balances. It is available 24 hours a day/7 days a week. The card can be used to withdraw cash from an ATM. Funds can be deposited from your Wakota FCU checking or savings accounts via cumoney.com. You may also check your balance, transactions or report a lost/stolen card by visiting cumoney.com or by calling toll free 1-877-850-9650. Travel cards can be purchased at Wakota FCU. The are re-loadable up to three times. The minimum load amount is $100 and the maximum is $5,000.

Lost/Stolen Travel Card Call 1-877-850-9650 or visit cumoney.com.

Wire Transfers

Further information on wire transfers.
Incoming wire transfers are processed through our Corporate Credit Union and then forwarded to us.

Wakota FCU does not participate in any international wires.

For incoming wiring instructions or outgoing wire application please contact us at 651-451-3330 or stop by our branch in South St. Paul.

Safe Deposit Boxes

Wakota FCU has safe deposit boxes on-site for rent.

There is an annual fee, which is based on the box size. Box sizes are as follows:

  • 3″ x 5″ (Silver Service discount available)
  • 3″ x 10″ (Silver Service discount available)
  • 5” x 10”
  • 10″ x 10″

There are seven grace days with the late fee assessed on the 8th day. Contact us at 651-451-3330 to find out what sizes are currently available.

Other In-Office services include:

  • Money Orders (Silver Service members receive three free money orders per month.)
  • Cashier’s Checks
  • Certified Checks
  • Notary Service (Non-members are charged for this service.)

Silver Service Club

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