Debit Cards from Wakota Federal Credit Union

A convenient card that works like a check. The Wakota Debit Card allows you to withdraw the purchase price directly from your checking account. It can be used anywhere VISA debit cards are accepted.

Debit Card Alerts

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Wakota Dedit Card

Wakota Debit CardThe Wakota Debit Card doubles as an ATM card. You can use your Wakota Debit Card to get cash, transfer money or make balance inquiries at ATMs worldwide. With It’s Me 247 online banking, it’s a breeze to keep track of your purchases.

Enable Overdraft Protection

Did you know you can set up overdraft protection on your ATM withdrawals and debit card purchases? Here’s how.

Verified by VISA

Verified by VISA helps prevent unauthorized purchases before they occur. Verified by VISA is designed to verify your transactions by asking for a password that only you will know. If the password is incorrect, the transaction will be declined.

How to enroll in Verified by VISA...
Verified by VISARegistering in the Verified by VISA program will protect you from fraudulent purchases in the event your card or card number is stolen. We strongly encourage all Wakota FCU cardholders to register all VISA (both debit and credit) cards with the Verified by VISA program as soon as possible—even if you don’t shop on the internet.

Wakota Debit Card

Visa Credit Card

Lost/Stolen ATM or Wakota Debit Card Call 1-800-535-8440. Don’t forget to register with Verified by VISA, and make sure your online shopping experience is a safe one!

ATM Cash Card

Free of charge for all checking accounts, our cash card offers the ultimate in withdrawal and deposit convenience. A cash card gives you access to Wakota ATMs but cannot be used to perform debit transactions.

Traveling Guidelines for Debit Cards

Please contact a CU representative if you are traveling outside of Minnesota. We will need to know location and dates of your upcoming travel. This extra step is to protect your debit card from potential fraud. We recommend that you bring at least one other form of payment besides your debit card while traveling.

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